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Articles on AI and ethics/societyConference presentationsMain Page
Organisations studying AI and ethics/societySeminar2Seminar 1
Seminar 10: Legal / ethical issues raised by Strong AISeminar 10: What will the job market look like in 20 years, if some form of AI is achieved?Seminar 11: What will people do if AI machines are doing most of the work that people currently do?
Seminar 12: What's new in AI ethics since we last metSeminar 13: Review of Nick Bostrom's 'Superintelligence'Seminar 14: Automation and Human Performance
Seminar 15: Moral decisions by autonomous systemsSeminar 16: Uses and abuses of AI in election campaignsSeminar 18: Robots and Jobs
Seminar 19: How should society prepare for advances in Artificial Intelligence?Seminar 1: IntroductionSeminar 20: Discrimination, Prejudice and Artificial Intelligence
Seminar 21: Can humans reduce biases in AI systems? Can AI systems reduce biases in humans?Seminar 23: Update on the AILNZ project phase 1: AI systems in criminal justiceSeminar 25: A Basic Income grant for all?
Seminar 25: Update on the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica storySeminar 26: AI and the Leisure Society (2.0)Seminar 28: Update on the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica story
Seminar 2: Survey of Initiatives discussing AI and Society around the worldSeminar 3: Machine Learning, Computer VisionSeminar 4: Motor Control, Agents
Seminar 5: Planning, Natural LanguageSeminar 6: Driverless cars, ethics frameworksSeminar 7: Political and economic issues raised by AI technologies
Seminar 8: Will 'Strong AI' be achieved in the next 20 years? Scientific and Technological questionsSeminar 9: Legal / ethical issues raised by Strong AISeminar 9: What are the likely societal consequences of Strong AI?
Seminar X: Update on the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica story