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Media reports and opinions about future AI

Academic reports about future AI

Business / economic reports about AI

Academic discussions about the likely impact of AI on jobs

  • The UN International Labour Organisation's 2016 report on the impact of automation on jobs in South-East Asia: ASEAN in transformation. This report estimates that 56% of the total workforce of ASEAN countries are at risk of displacement by robots.
  • A study from the US National Bureau of Economic Research (Acemoglu and Restrepo, Working Paper No. 23285, 2017), Robots and Jobs: Evidence from US Labor markets. This reports a regression analysis that looks at the influence of robots on unemployment levels and wages. In the US areas studied, the authors estimate that 'one more robot per thousand workers reduces the employment to population ratio by about 0.18-0.34 percentage points and wages by 0.25-0.5 percent' - and that these influences are distinct from the impact of imports from China and Mexico, the decline of routine jobs, offshoring, and several other factors. (Here's an article on the study in the New York Times.)

Some links from Murat Ungor on AI and employment:

Articles relating to regulation of AI

Articles relating to bias / discrimination in AI

Some articles about a study from Princeton/Bath demonstrating many biases in language corpora taken from the web:

Some articles/data relating to ProPublica's study on machine bias in the COMPAS algorithm for predicting recidivism:

Articles on uses of AI in criminal justice:

Discussions of the impact on people of AI

AI and legal issues

  • An article about possible EU legislation to classify advanced robots as 'electronic persons' (June 2016)

NZ initiatives

Recent initiatives relating to the future of AI